About Ibrahem


One of my favorite things to do is play videogames. I like how there is so much to do in videogames, it almost endless. For example, Destiny is one of those games where there is so much more to do in the game than just the campaign. Like all the side missions and quests. Also if you play with your friends it's a whole lot more fun. And if you get bored of the campaign there is an online multiplayer mode where you can play against other guardians.
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Destiny isn't the only game I play. I play mobas, first person shooters, certain sports games, adventure games, and fighting games. My favorite genre of videogames is first person shooters, when i play with friends. Although destiny is my favorite game I am best at League. Last season I was ranked platnium 1. I like videogames because it takes my mind off stressful things happening in my life. And also it helped me get through at tough time from 6-7th grade. And if I need to just pass time I can just play.

Playstation 4