About Ibrahem

Favorite Computing Device

My favorite computing device is the Playstation4 (ps4). A ps4 is a gaming console that you can play videogames on. It can be plugged into a T.V. or a monitor. I prefer a monitor because you get a better reaction time. It can display up to 4k H.D resolution which gives a clear image of what i sgoing on.
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The ps4 is not only a gaming console, for people that take video gaming seriously, but also a family/friendly console. It's also great for casual players(like me) if you just want to hang out with your friends, chill and have a good time. My set up includes: two BenQ monitors, a ps4, a pair of Astro A40, a desktop and a razer keyboard and mouse. It took me a while to get to the set up I have, but it was worth the wait, because now I can play casually, but still be comfortable while playing.

Playstation 4